6. Südwestfalenschau in Kreuztal

Es waren 8 Champions in der Championsklasse gemeldet.


V2, Reserve Anwartschaft auf den Deutschen Champion VDH und (Club)
Championsklasse, Richterin: Ms Sheila Moxon

Bewertung Yellow:

Very attractive, mature dog, well bodied, good front and rear angulation,
masculine head, kind eye and expression, good neck,
excellent overall balance, moved well.


Championsklasse, Richter: Ms. Sheila Moxon

Bewertung Jack:

Free moving dog, built well, which showed in his driving movement,
good overall combination with level top line, well angulated front and rear,
good length of neck, pigmentation, and soft expression,
good front in hard condition, carrying just right amount of weight.