Spezialzuchschau in Cloppenburg


V2, Reserve Anwartschaft auf den Deutschen Champion VDH und (Club)
Championsklasse, Richter: Liz Pope

Bewertung Jack:

This dog optimizes what a golden retriever is temperament-wise.
A beautiful smiling face and a gentle wagging tail, which tells you
he is going to be a real clown and have a lovely nature.
Good neck and shoulders, good backend, moved well from strong hindquarters
with a good length of stride enabling him to cover the ground well.


Championsklasse, Richter: Liz Pope

Bewertung Yellow:

Balanced masculine head, with typical expression, good neck
into well laid-back shoulders, good topline and length of rib,
good bend of stifle, moved ok, but would like to see him
reaching out more, tailset at times a little high.